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Boost your Angular app performance

23th of December 2020Author: toni

Angular is powerful and one of the best FE framework this time. But when the app starts to grow, the problems will start.

App will start to be slower and slower and if you do not start to fix the issues on time, after that it will be very hard to find where it is the problem.

This issue is not only for Angular, it is for everything, seems the maintenance is starting from the beginning when you are writing the code.

Inspired from this video by Minko Gechev , I will show you couple of tricks to have better Angular performances.

Skip or avoid change detection

Use Change Detection on Push
Run outside the zone
Render fewer component (virtual scrolling, pagination)

Memoize calls

Pure Pipes
Store result

Using web workers

You can check how web workers work on the link Background processing using web workers in Angular

Cheers and HAPPY NEW 2021