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My impression of building Casino web application with React and Redux

4th of July 2020Author: toni

How developer with many years background, working on Angular, I was curious to check what is the difference between Angular and React and why people are saying that Angular is complete Frontend framework and React is Frontend library.

So I started to build one simple Casino Web Application with React and Redux

And the impression are:

1. Yes that is true. Angular is much more powerful and by default you have everything what you need, example: More modular oriented, Router, FormBuilder Server Side Rendering, Test Framework (End to End, UnitTest) and etc...

For React by default you have only to build Components, but we can live with that, there are lot of React library and 99% everything what you need you can find, just a bit effort.

2. Learning curve for Angular is much more harder if we compare with React and you need more programing knowledge to start build Web application in Angular.

3.My opinion Angular is better for big enterprise application and React is more for small application. But this doesnt mean that you can not build big enterprise Web application, I'm saying that with Angular is much more easier manage software Architecture.


I would say whatever you choose is good, if you use the code standards of the Framework/Library and use the common Develop practise like DDD (design driven development), measure the code quality and write a lot of Tests 😁.


This is the repo of the Casino app I still have to do lot of things to improve the code. I'm using Sonarcloud for code quality and code coverage and my goal is to achieve 80%