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Woman in tech - my perspective of view

19th of May 2020Author: radmila

If you are or want to become a woman in tech, you already noticed and you can agree with me that a high percentage of those working in this industry are men.

According to many surveys and researches currently not more than 26% percent of computing jobs are held by women. Even tech giants like Google, Microsoft, and Twitter have extremely low numbers of women in their tech roles.

My background

I have been in this industry for more than 12 years if I count years spend during a college.

I'm coming from I can say kind of conservative country, so when I started my first job as a Web developer I was the first woman in that company hired as Web developer. Funny enough but that continues to be the same case even in the next 4 companies

Working as Web Developer

I have never spoken with any of my colleagues about what they think about women in tech, because I didn't felt need to do that, but many times have been told to me that employing women changes the culture of the company.

From my experience working as Web Developer, I can say that I have never felt that I do something different from my other men colleagues. I was always doing tasks according to my knowledge and expertise, equally the same as others.

It's true that in every company you can find different types of people. Some of them are supportive and patient, but also some think that only because they are men they know more than you. Don't be discouraged from those second types of people, because being women or men doesn't determine how smart you are :)

Then why you as women are afraid to start learning some programming language?

It is indeed really stressful, it's not kind of work that you do 8 hours while you are in the office and then totally forgot about it until the next day. Every day there are new challenges, new things that you need to learn, and if you don't get in track with this soon you will start feeling like you are a lot behind the others.

While there’s a long way to go until we have an equal split of men and women across the tech industry, various initiatives are helping to promote the tech industry to females from a young age.

Be a risk-taker

Be prepared for an exciting job that comes with challenges in such a highly dynamic environment. Be flexible and smart. Set your own goals and fight for accomplishing them — Take a risk only if you think that that is good for you. Don’t embark on a new technology because someone else is doing it — You have your dreams, follow them!