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Grow in your tech carrier - Challenge

12th of May 2020Author: toni

Tips how to grow in your tech carrier!

Let's speak about Challenge

After many years playing rock & roll with PHP and Javascript, I was thinking how can I improve my knowledge. And after reading this book Software Architect’s Handbook (I would suggest everyone to read it), I conclude one thing.

Put a year challenge, which means learn something new (Programing Language, Framework, Read 5 books etc..)

For me the question was: What challenge should I have for 2020?

I decided that I would try with C#/.Net Core and GraphQl.

And here I'm after 4 and half months I build My Blog with C#/.Net Core, GraphQl and Hotchocolate GraphQl Library Backend part and the Frontend part is React with Relay covered by my wife @radmila

Of course, this does not mean that now I'm master with C#/.Net Core, but at least I learned something new which it will help to grow in my tech carrier in the future


Set challenge for this year, learn something new never mind if it's Hard skill (new technology) or Soft skill because technologies are growing rapidly. There is no PHP Developer or Java Developer or etc. Keep in mind that Programing Language is tool and if you are good Developer it's not a problem to learn new programing language for a few months. If you are in the Tech Industry, you need to learn new things. Only on that way you will grow and keep in track.