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Hi, my name is Toni. Passionate Web Developer who enjoys learning new technologies, languages. Always trying to be up to date with the latest trends in IT


Hi, my name is Radmila. I'm Front End Developer who loves coding and bringing ideas to digital form. I love traveling and discovering new places

Welcome to our first blog post

6th of May 2020Author: radmila

Welcome to the launch of the new Mitrevski website and our first blog post!

Who we are?

Let's first introduce ourself. Toni Mitrevski Web Developer, and Radmila Mitrevska Front-end developer.

After long time planning this, now in period of Corona we finally found time to make this happen.

We are so excited to share with you some of our knowledge gatered throughout many years of experience! We have a huge amount of ideas, how-to’s, and articles going around in our head and ready to jump out.

This is our first blog post ever, so may not be perfect, but give us time, we will be better and better :)